In Brief

  1. Stop services (eg systemctl stop furemcape*)

  2. Replace source directory (eg tar xf furemcape.tar.gz -C /usr/local/src/furemcape)

  3. Run installer (eg cd /usr/local/src/furemcape && make upgrade)


Stop Services

Stop and all services starting with furemcape*. With systemd you can run these commands (as root):

systemctl stop furemcape*

Replace Source Directory

Delete the old Furem Cape source directory, and then explode the new Furem Cape source tarball to it:

rm -r /usr/local/src/furemcape
mkdir /usr/local/src/furemcape
tar xf furemcape.tar.gz -C /usr/local/src/furemcape

Run Installer

Now run the Furem Cape installer in upgrade mode, by changing into the /usr/local/src/furemcape directory and running make upgrade as root. If you have a restrictive umask, change it temporarily to 002, so that the installer creates files/directories with the proper permissions:

cd /usr/local/src/furemcape
sudo (umask 002; make upgrade)

The installer (a series of command-line shell and python scripts) will prompt you with several confirmations about things that it’s going to upgrade. It will then restart all Furem Cape services.

You can list the new/upgraded Furem Cape services running under systemd with the following command (with the --all flag to include inactive units):

systemctl status furemcape* --all